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1 FTO = 0.00009 ETH (40% Discount)

Our mission is to create a trading friendly Token which value goes mainly in one direction: upward

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Fractal Token is an innovative cryptofinance project managed by an experienced team.

The project stems from the observation of the main problem faced by investments in ICOs and new Tokens: the initial growth of value followed by an irrepressible collapse.

Fractal Token stands as an innovative token, whose value should be immune to “pump and dump” practices.

The Mission of the Fractal Token Project is to create a token which is trading friendly, and whose value goes mainly in one direction: upwards

How to achieve this ambitious result?

Just as “traditional” central banks set themselves an inflation target and are committed to pursuing it through open market operations, the Fractal Token will be supported and protected by its own institution (the Token Fund), whose task will be the implementation of monetary policies aimed at containing its volatility and seeking its deflation.

What Fractal Token Project IS

This Project is about a Token which is trading friendly:

Easy to Trade
Its value is not subject to big prolonged movements, in either directions (up or down)

Well Supported
Whenever its value goes down, our Fund (scroll down to learn more about this) will step in and buy it, pushing its value up again

Whenever its value goes up too fast or too much, our Fund will step in and provide liquidity, slowing down volatility

Ideal for DayTrading
Thanks to its reliable nature, Fractal Token is an ideal asset for day-traders and non-experienced traders 

What Fractal Token Project is NOT

This Project is not the typical investment security:

No Dividends
Fractal Token do not pay any dividends, commissions, not provide equity on its acquisition

No Shares
Fractal Tokens are not shares, do not hold any rights, do not represent a creditor relationship or ownership position in the CryptoFund

Fractal Token are not an investment program, profits generated by the CryptoFund are not shared with token holders

No Bots
We do not use and do not plan to use any automatic trading system of any kind, all operations are handled manually

Read the WhitePaper for more details

The Crypto Fund

The crypto fund, called “MC Fractal Fund”, will be a closed and private fund, managed by a team of expert traders and which will be composed in turn by two different parts:

Main Fund

Will trades in the Crypto markets (btc/usd, eth/usd, etc.) with the aim of generating profits to be turned over to the “Token Fund”.
The Main Fund will operate using the MC Fractal Studies ©, a suite of technical indicators and advanced trading systems, based on the self-similarity concept (hence the name “Fractal”).
Created by the founder of the Fractal Token Project back in 2010, MC Fractal Studies were made public and opensource in February 2018, and are being used daily by hundreds of successful traders from all around the world.

Token Fund

Will be financed by profits from the Main Fund.
It will also use sophisticated Multi Fractal analysis methods of analysis to monitor the health of the Fractal Token, and will have the task of supporting the value of Fractal Token and protecting it from excessive volatility.
It will be able to do so thanks to the control, even if partial, of the supply and demand of the Token in the exchanges:
– increasing the supply (selling FTO), if the value of the Fractal Token rises too high and too quickly.
– increasing the demand (buying FTO), whenever the value of Fractal Tokens will need an upward push!

Generate Profits and give them to the Token Fund

Protect and Support the Fractal Token


Transparency is a very important factor in every serious project, and The Fractal Token Project is no different.

Every first day of the month, the CryptoFund Management Teams will release a document stating in detail all data regarding trading performance, stats, allocation of profits, interventions on the Fractal Token, reserves and balance of FTO and Ethers on the CryptoFund, and other important information regarding the previous month activity.

Such document will be of public domain and freely accessible and downloadable from this website.

Crypto Fund Performance

We have created a Simulation of the Main Fund hypothetical performance for the period from 1 January 2017 to 30 March 2018.

The Trading System used is just one of the many Trading Technique in the Main Fund Arsenal, powered by MC Fractal Studies.
The system in this simulation performed trades on the btc/usd market only, using a Daily chart to generate trading signals.

No margin has been used.
Using on average only 30% of the available capital (leverage 0.3x) at any given time, the results was quite encouraging.

BtcUsd Trades Screenshot

Btc/Usd vs MainFund Performance Comparison

Jan 17-1.95%+27.17%
Feb 17+21.1%+19.68%
Mar 17-13.63%+19.33%
Apr 17+21.63%++16.34%
May 17+59.19%+55.76%
Jun 17+5.01%++30.32%
Jul 17+9.62%+24.42%
Aug 17+64.71%+47.78%
Sep 17-11.31%+33.01%
Oct 17+46.88%+15.94%
Nov 17+51.22%+35.09%
Dec 17+28.98%+52.48%
Jan 18-25.16%+49.67%
Feb 18+13.38%+33.11%
Mar 18-35%+19.8%
Main Fund vs BtcUsd - Cumulative Performance
Main Fund vs BtcUsd - Monthly Performance

While the Main Fund management team will have a number of Trading Systems at his disposal, every trade will be taken manually, after a careful analysis performed by experienced human traders (no “Bots” will be used).

The performance on this Simulation are based on trading activity performed on btc/usd only, the real Main Fund trading activity will be diversified over more instrument (btcusd, ethusd, trxbtc, ethbtc, eosbtc, etc) in order to improve performance even more and limit risks.

Equity and Balance Curve

Detailed Strategy report can be analyzed on the Myfxbook dedicated page: Click Here

Simulated or hypothetical performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. Also, because these trades have not actually been executed, these results may have under-or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated or hypothetical trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.



10.000.000 FTO

Price of 1 FTO:
0,000045 ETH (70% Discount)

Start Date:
15 March

End Date:
30 April

Live Now

90.000.000 FTO

Price of 1 FTO:
0,00009 ETH (40% Discount)

Start Date:
1 May

End Date:
31 May

Coming soon

400.000.000 FTO

Price of 1 FTO:
0,00015 ETH

Start Date:
1 June

End Date:
31 July



January – March 2018

Innovative Technical Analysis Methods and Indicators are developed and released for Free

– MC Fractal Project Launch

Seed round

15 March – 30 April

10 Million Tokens are sold with a 70% discounted price

– Servers and web software upgrade
– Web and graphic design upgrade
– Strong Advertisement campaigns

Pre Ico
(Live Now)

1 May – 31 May

90 Million Tokens are sold with a 40% discounted price during the Pre Ico

– Company incorporation
– Offices opening in a major Financial Centre
– Talents recruitment (we are hiring!)
– Trading management team formation and preparation
– Advertisement campaigns intensifies

(coming soon)

1 June – 31 July

400 Million Tokens are sold during the ICO

– Fractal Token are listed and available for trading in the best Token Exchanges
– Fractal Crypto Fund becomes fully operative
– Trading operations taking place 24h on Crypto Markets
– Profits are constantly injected into the Fractal Token market
– Fractal Token value go higher and higher every day
– Advertisement campaigns keep going on, Fractal Token popularity on constant rise



Crowd Sale
Token Fund


MC Fractal Fund


Token Fund
Main Fund

Any unsold Tokens of those intended for sale, will be allocated as reserves to the Token Fund.
Any unallocated Tokens of those intended for Bounties, will be allocated as reserves to the Token Fund.

Token Details

Token name:Fractal Token
Type:ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain)
Token Smart Contract Address:  0xd48f07D942a075FBbA9836a2898Dda2702c7FFdA
CrowdSale Smart Contract Address:  0x8d415c27f7FcC06a7173720682120681c77B0042 
Total supply:650.000.000 FTO
Softcap:100 ETH
Hardcap:68.550 ETH
Token Sale:15 March – 31 July
Accepted purchase:ETH
Price:1 FTO = 0,00015 ETH
Minimum contribution:1 FTO

Give 5% Bonus. Get 5% Commission.

Share your unique link and refer friends

Gain 5% (ETH) commission on your friends purchases

Your friends also get 5% (FTO) bonus for using your invite


A Token Crowdsale is a means of raising capital through a crowdfunding campaign with the use of crypto-assets as reward. A digital asset, the token, is issued for a purpose and are sold to raise money for the said purpose.
After the crowdsale process is done, the tokens are traded on crypto-exchanges and market supply and demand decides on their fair pricing.

Fractal Token is an Ethereum based erc20 cryptocurrency token, hosted on the ETH blockchain.
Fractal Tokens can be hold in your compatible erc20 wallet and have 18 decimal places.
Fractal Tokens will be available for trading in the best erc20 Tokens Exchanges.

Fractal Token is different from any other known Token!
Fractal Tokens are not utility tokens, all you can do is buy and sell them (in erc20 exchanges).
The plan is to make a Token whose value is likely to grow over time.
While the value of Fractal Tokens is decided from supply and demand forces, our Crypto Fund (“MC Fractal Fund“) play an active role in supporting the Fractal Token and helping its value to stay healthy and ever growing.

No, both the “Main Fund” and the “Token Fund” are managed by a team of experienced traders.
While the management team will use Innovative Methods of Technical Analysis (MC Fractal Studies) for planning and timing trades of the CryptoFund, no automatic programs (“bots”) will be ever used.
Every trading decision (both in the “Main Fund” and in the “Token Fund”) are planned and executed by a team of traders and analysts with 10+ years of experience in the financial markets.

It will adopt a low risk approach, no margins (no leverage used) and of course we will use Multi Fractal strategies to decide when and where to invest.
It will trade solely in the Crypto Markets, (Crypto Coins, Crypto Currencies, Crypto Tokens, etc.) in various crypto exchanges.

The MC Fractal Project is an Open Project!
Talented people in every field are welcome and encouraged to join and bring their experience and hard work for the realization of this epic project.
There are two ways you can join the Project, either with the bounty programs (you will earn Tokens) or by contacting the team and telling us more about you, the team is in constant formation and we always appreciate new talented members abroad.
To join the team, the first step is to join the Telegram Group, or simply contact us.

The Crowdsale is divided in three phases:
– Seed round: 10.000.000 tokens to be sold at 0.000045 ETH each (70% bonus)
– Pre Ico: 99.000.000 tokens to be sold at 0.00009 ETH each (40% bonus)
– ICO: 400.000.000 tokens to be sold at 0.00015 ETH each

The Seed round will last 45 days.
The Pre-Ico will last 30 days.
The Main Ico will last 60 days.

Totally, the CrowdSale will ends on 31 July 2018.
In case of soldout, the CrowdSale will end earlier.

If you like our project and you believe in it, investing during the crowdsale can be very positive.
Fractal Tokens are sold during the crowdsale with a fixed, low price.
Once the crowdsale is over, Fractal Tokens will be purchasable in the best erc20 exchanges, and the price will not be fixed anymore (it might be way higher).

During the crowdsale, you can buy Fractal Tokens on the “Buy Token” page, the process is quite straightforward and takes only a few minutes. You will need an ERC-20 compatible Ethereum (ETH) wallet, we recommend MetaMask.

You will receive them in your (ERC-20 compatible) ETH wallet immediately after your purchase!
The transaction is fully automatic and immediate.

MC Fractal Fund (the Crypto Fund) will be a closed, private fund.
It will not be an “Hedge Fund” nor an “Investment Fund” in any way, and therefor it will not be possible to “invest” in it in any traditional way.
But you will be able to buying and sell Fractal Tokens (FTO) in the exchanges anytime you want, knowing that the Crypto Fund will be working its way for keep the Tokens valuable and healthy.

The Fractal Token CrowdSale Smart Contract address is: 0x8d415c27f7FcC06a7173720682120681c77B0042
The Fractal Token (FTO) Smart Contract address is: 0xd48f07D942a075FBbA9836a2898Dda2702c7FFdA
Fractal Token Smart Contracts source codes are open and available on etherscan website.

Fractal Tokens in your wallet are unmovable during the crowdsale period.
They will become freely transferable after the Crowd Sale is finished.

You will be able to trade FTO in the best erc20 exchanges immediately after the crowdsale finish.

You will be able to sell them through the ERC20 exchanges they will be traded in.

The price will be decided by the supply and demand forces.

Ten Fractal Token is the minimum investment, the equivalent to 1 usd!
Everybody should have the opportunity to participate in this crowdsale.

There will be a maximum (fixed limit) of 500.000.000 (five hundred millions) tokens sold during the crowdsale, plus 150.000.000 reserved tokens.
Visit our Allocations section to know more about our allocation plans.

Fractal Tokens are not a security and are not offered as a security.
Fractal Tokens do not pay any dividends, commissions, shares or provide equity based on their acquisition.
Please visit our “Terms and Conditions” page for more information.

Not at this time, Fractal Tokens can be bought only with Ethereum (ETH) during this crowdsale.

You can invest only if you are not a citizen or a resident or are associated with a country where the participation in this crowdsale is prohibited or restricted. 

Citizens or residents or persons associated with the United States and/or with other “Restricted Jurisdictions” are not allowed to and should NOT participate in this CrowdSale.

Kindly read the “Terms and Conditions” page. 
It is your full responsibility to check whenever by participating in this crowdsale you are acting within the limits of the laws in force in your country. 

Like any crowdfunding campaign, you should think of contributing as a donation to a project in support of its potential development, and the tokens as a reward for your support.
In this project, your reward (tokens) have the potential to increase in value over time, although there is no assurance about their future value. As a general rule, you should never invest an amount that you are not prepared to lose.

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Maurizio Colarossi - CEO

Author of MC Fractal Studies, Trading enthusiast, Software Developer.

Alessandro Matteu - CFO

Financial advisor, Business analyst, Cryptolover and Innovation addicted.

Nicola Moramarco - CTO

Founder of Trading Experiences, Cryptocurrency Evangelist, Software Developer.

Efisio Farci - Marketing Manager

Entrepreneur and Student of Data Science Business Analytics and Innovation.

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You can earn Fractal Tokens by completing highly specific tasks, the Bounty Pool consist in a number equal to max 10% of Tokens sold during the Crowd Sale: 50,000,000 FTO

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